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The future of IT in Curaçao a rather positive view.

IT4Curaçao was present at the first lustrum of the EU Desk Curaçao, celebrated with a
weeklong of interesting webinars: EU Desk Funds Week. At the event we had the
opportunity to showcase our mission and our efforts to enable the diaspora of Curaçao to
contribute to our cause. Two delegates from IT4Curaçao, David Tjong-Ayong, Lead
Developer, and Milangelo Maduro, Principal Business Analyst, highlighted a few of our events, such as “Beyond Code” and “Unite. Engage. Shape”, our contributions at the Curaçao Tech
Meetups and the youth programming masterclass organized earlier this year.

Proudly we had announced how one of our trainees successfully graduated from our IT
academy, making our first tangible success. It is truly incredible to see the IT ecosystem of
Curaçao flourishing. Yes, eco-system. The term, originally associated with the field of
ecology, a branch of biology, is ubiquitous among policy makers and business professionals.
It is just recently that I realized, and challenge me on this if you may, that the ecosystem is
already there and that we are all playing our part in it.

Bottom-line is, we ARE the ecosystem. You reading this blog, me writing this blog,
IT4Curaçao, IT companies on the island and countless of others contributing to the IT sector
in Curaçao. The great thing about ecosystems is that their existence is usually inevitable,
they’re constantly evolving and above all, they’re extremely complex. It is why, in nature,
ecosystems exist in the harshest of conditions: around volcanos, in desserts and many
kilometers below the surface of the ocean.

The faster we realize we are the ecosystem and that our contributions exist because of
other elements within the ecosystem, the more resilient we become, thus making the
ecosystem more resilient. It’s all intertwined. So, let’s keep doing what we are doing. Let’s
keep interacting with one-another. Let’s create, innovate, inspire, spread, connect. Others
will join automatically. Our missions will evolve over time and the ecosystem will thrive.
For the IT-diaspora of Curaçao, it might sometimes be difficult to understand and point out
your specific role within this ecosystem. Some of us are not often on Curaçao, and some of
us do not connect often with the IT sector of Curaçao. Here’s an open invitation to
contribute. Follow our page, connect with us, and join us at one of our future events.

Join the ecosystem!