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Ian van Eenennaam

AI to the rescue

With all the buzz around Open AI’s introduction of the AI powered chat bot model ChatGPT we decided to take it out for a spin. And we have to say, it did not disappoint. First we started out with some trivial request, like “Tell me… Read More »AI to the rescue

Think Big. Act Now.

The capacity to gather, retain, process & distribute information is fundamental to any successful human endeavour.  It is how we continuously arrive at the necessary understanding, both at the individual and group level, to effectively decide our way towards desired states. In humanity’s relentless pursuit… Read More »Think Big. Act Now.

We have a winner!

We are pleased to announce that Sue-gely Gonzalez has been selected as the winner for our FullStack Developer Bonus Pack promo. She will receive access to her own Udemy account which includes essential courses to start her journey towards becoming a FullStack Web Developer. During… Read More »We have a winner!