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Crossing the bridge…

Dear friends and community members,

During the past couple of months we have been able to reach important milestones in our mission to create job opportunities for job seekers in Curaçao.
As captured in the road map below, we have managed to launch the IT4Curaçao foundation, build some awareness around our presence & vision, and have identified a promising pool of candidates eager to start their IT learning journey.

Crossing the Bridge

We are currently in contact with CodeCademy, a highly-regarded online training platform with learners from companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple and more. They provide high quality coding courses within an interactive environment. They also offer comprehensive beginner friendly “Career Path” tracks aimed at developing in demand IT job skills.

And we are excited to share that, because we are an NGO, CodeCademy has offered us a 15% discount. For $1270 we would get 5 “seats” with 1-year access to their entire catalog. This would enable us to provide our pool of Curaçao job seekers with free access to the platform and the opportunity to start their development towards an IT career.

But this is where we could really use your support. With your donation, we may be able to cross this important bridge and proceed towards getting our pool of job seekers employed in IT.

If you are in the position to do so, please consider supporting us with a donation of your choosing.