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We have a winner!

We are pleased to announce that Sue-gely Gonzalez has been selected as the winner for our FullStack Developer Bonus Pack promo. She will receive access to her own Udemy account which includes essential courses to start her journey towards becoming a FullStack Web Developer.

Sue-gely Gonzalez!

During her journey we will be supporting her with any questions she may have along the way. Good luck Sue-gely!

Selection procedure

Participants registered for the promo campaign trough a Google Forms survey. The Survey was closed on 01/05/2022. As can be seen in the image below, a total of 14 participants registered.

Next, the responses where exported to a Google Spreadsheet. The order of the responses was left as default. The image below shows that the first row of the sheet details the column headers/ titles. Thus, rows 2 to 15 hold the details of the participant responses.

Then, utilising the built-in random number generator offered by Google, the minimum value of 2 and the maximum value of 15 were provided. This is shown in the GIF below. As can be seen, the generator output was #9.

The winner was then identified by mapping the #9 to the participant response detailed on the 9th row of the responses spreadsheet.

Want to support us? Then, please consider a contribution which would allow us to provide 5 candidates 1 year access to the full course catalog of the CodeCademy platform.
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