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Friends of IT4Curaçao

Guided by a love for Curaçao, a firm belief in our people and, a deep drive to help build a brighter tomorrow for current & future generations we founded IT4Curaçao in 2022.

Carried by bold and persistent action we have preceded to reach out and share our vision and mission within our network and across the community.

Being met with great enthusiasm and support, we quickly came to realize that we are speaking to a broader sentiment. A sentiment which resonates with a deep desire for much needed change.

As such, we have been fortified in our commitment to keep moving forward towards our ambitious goals.

In this brief period of time, a group of key enablers have emerged. Each providing invaluable support in the form of advice, knowledge, connections and expertise.

We’d like to take a moment to acknowledge these champions and introduce you to the “Friends of IT4Curaçao”.

Do you also share in our vision & mission? And would you like to discover how you can support our community? Then, feel free to contact us.