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Learning to code(1): Free resources

Hi there! Welcome to this first publication on learning to code.

Becoming a professional developer starts with learning the basic skills. As a developer this means learning how to code. While there are many free online resources available to develop coding skills, it may seem to be a daunting task to figure out where to begin and how to proceed.
In this publication, the focus will be on free coding resources which can help you on your journey of becoming a professional developer.

And in true IT4Curaçao fashion, we will be sharing a great, readily available, youtube video by Dorian Develops on the subject to help you on you way.

Want to skip the video and go directly to resources mentioned in this video? Use the links below:

Free Code Camp:

The Odin Project:

If you are seeking a more guided approach or some additional advice on how to become a professional developer? Feel free to contact us whit any questions.

Ian van Eenennaam


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